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About us

Supporting Bi plastics Recycling — for the Long Run Bi Plastics is a limited liability company founded on the proposition that the post consumer PLA packaging stream in the market today represents an untapped value proposition. BI’s business model is simple:  Bi plastic will create a market and act as the end user for all PLA plastic waste — both post industrial and post consumer. To support recyclers, BI plastics will
  • Pay an economically attractive price for scrap or post consumer PLA, including non-bottle packaging
  • Work with recyclers to identify effective methods to separate the Bi plastics for sale to Bi
  • Work with Bioplastic manufacturers to create visual identification for ease of sorting at recycling centers
Bi plastics such as PLA and other new materials have potentially important advantages over conventional petroleum based plastics.  As market share for Bi plastics grows, BI plastics can help recyclers handle this promising new plastic. PLA Bi plastics can be nearly 100% recycled through simple conversion to lactic acid. According to the EPA, less than 10% of petroleum-based plastics are reused. most of plastics are used in plastic injection mold to make injection molded parts, today buy plastic molds from injection mold china company is the best options. PLA Bi plastic is derived from plants, grown in the United States not foreign oil. It takes time to increase the recyclability and lower the environmental footprint of new plastic resins.  BI plastics will work with municipalities, consumers and recyclers to support clear identification, recycling, and reuse of plastic made from plants.