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  • Visual Inspection
  • UL® Rated Facility
  • Melt Flow
  • Tensile Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Mold Data Collection
  • Functional Testing
  • Dimensional Inspection

IN HOUSE Plastic Molding Service

Sincere Tech Plastics has a 3,000 square foot plastic molding shop and mold shop staffed by expert tool and mold makers. We design, build, modify and maintain our molds to the highest standards. We operate EDM, grinding, milling and machining centers on a 24 hour schedule. We can service large molds requiring 1000 ton molding machines, multi-cavity molds, family tools, molds incorporating slides and molds that have unique injection requirements.

Our tooling capabilities include engraving or inserting your business identity or logo, instructions, part numbers and date codes per your requirements. We can produce molds from aluminum or heat treated tool steel with hot tip runners, sub gates, three plate molds or molds built for sampling. We can produce a variety of mold surfaces ranging from polished to textured.

We design, build and maintain them all.


  • Mold Design
  • New Mold Construction
  • CAD/CAM engineering
  • National and International Tooling Resources


  • Omega Sonic Welder
  • 2 Branson Sonic Welders
  • Secondary CNC Milling
  • Heat Inserter
  • Hot Foil Stamping


  • Sub Assembly
  • Prepackaging in Kit Form
  • Part Decoration
  • “Value Added” Assembly, Testing and Finish Work