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What is BIOCOR?

Simply put, BIOCOR LLC is a company founded on the proposition that the post consumer PLA packaging stream in the market today represents an untapped value proposition.

BIOCOR’s business model is simple:  BIOCOR will create a market and act as the end user for all PLA plastic waste — both post industrial and post consumer.

What is BIOCOR? Is it an industry org., a trade association, a not for profit?

Biocor is a limited liability company

How is the company funded?

BIOCOR has received start-up funding from a broad set of interested investors.,   BIOCOR intends not to require any additional funding beyond the initial capital contribution.

Where do you plan to buy post consumer PLA from?  Have you identified any recyclers who have PLA to sell?

BIOCOR has already been approached by several parties eager to sell PLA waste, and we’re in the process of assessing those initial supplies.   For more information, or to discuss the sale of PLA scrap, contact Mike Centers, at 888-9BIOCOR, or visit BIOCOR.ORG.

Is BIOCOR interested in any bioplastics, or just  PLA?

Currently, BIOCOR is completely focused on PLA – the only bioplastic in the packaging market with scale and in a format where collection and recycle presents an attractive business case.

Is the company expected to be profitable? When?

BIOCOR LLC is a for-profit business.  Its profitability is of course highly dependent on the volume of PLA waste collected.  Based on the PLA volume of already in the North American market, as well as on its projected market share growth,  BIOCOR does not envision further capital requirements beyond the initial equity raise.

Can you describe the company’s business model?

The model is straightforward.  BIOCOR will create a market and act as the end user for all PLA plastic waste — both post industrial and post consumer.  BIOCOR is putting in place a supply agreement with PLARCO, the company turning PLA waste into lactic acid.

Will BIOCOR be active in legislation to promote bioplastics?

Yes.  We plan to  work with states to be early adopters of PLA with it’s unique new number, and integrating this container into existing bottle bill programs.