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Our emphasis on process control is multifaceted. However, the focus of our efforts can be summarized. The Thermoplastic Injection Molding Process has been broken down by RJG associates (an internationally recognized consulting and training firm dealing specifically with plastic processing) into 4 key variables that must be consistently controlled in order to produce parts with the greatest degree of repeatability. They are plastics flow rate, plastic melt temperature, plastic pressure, and cooling imparted to the plastic.

 Our process control program is designed specifically to control these upstream parameters so that our downstream parts will be as consistent as possible. Documented procedures specifying how we monitor these parameters are in place and records are kept on all of them to ensure that our process control procedures are always carried out. Some of the controlled areas include machine parameters, cooling systems, setup procedures, preventive maintenance, work instructions for machine set ups, in process testing, and process changes.

How to control the good quality plastic molded parts

Part of our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our training programs for our associates. We have documented house training programs both in the form one to one associate training and interactive computer based software covering entire programs in injection molding, safety, and quality control and statistical tools. We have several job classifications which signify the knowledge and proficiency level of a given associate from the most basic press operator right up through manufacturing manager. All levels are specified in training requirements and testing is scheduled and documented to certify advancement.

Safety is a big part of our training programs. We have regularly scheduled safety meetings. We have a documented training program to certify fork-lift operators. We have annually scheduled meetings concerning Chemical Control (MSDS), Personal Protective Equipment, Fire extinguisher, Emergency Action plans, and Energy Control (lock out tag out). In addition, we have been proactive with respect to OSHA regulations and participate annually in a voluntary compliance and inspection program offered by New York State. 


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